Bedheads at Nicholls Fashion & Furnishings

Nicholls offer a range of bedhead shapes which you can modify to suit your specifications by altering sizes and using additions such as buttoning, piping, studs, padded rolls and contrast edges, turning a basic bedhead into a very individual work of art. Upholstered wall panels are a versatile and creative touch in home decorating, and can be used effectively as an alternative to bedheads.

Custom made to your own size requirements, with your choice of fabric and designs, you can create the exact look you require.

Bedspreads, Valances, Bolsters, Pillows, Cushions, End Throws – these are the custom made essentials that combine to make your bedroom an inviting place in which to slumber. Click here to download some ideas on bedhead designs.

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Bedheads June 16, 2012