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Timber shutters are a part of everybody’s wish list. They are a terrific product that allows you to control the amount of light in a room and come in three blade widths.

At Nicholls, we have researched the marketplace extensively; we have tested many types of timber shutters and have found that there are very few companies that consistently produce the highest quality products time after time. Our experience means the products in our range have been tried and tested for decades.

Polysatin Shutters at Nicholls

Polysatin Shutters

At Nicholls we sell a range of shutters to suit most budgets

  • Australian made cedar
  • Poplar & Basswood timber
  • Polyresin (man-made fibre) – perfect for wet areas and outdoor rooms
  • Aluminium – ideal for external use.

We have carpenters and technicians who custom design and install your shutters to ensure the best possible fit – as very few windows are truly square. 

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Shutters June 16, 2012