St Joseph’s Primary School

St Joseph's Primary School at Nicholls Fashion & Furnishings

Nicholls is proud to be the supplier of school uniforms for St Joseph's Primary School. Please make sure you shop early to guarantee size requirements. We have a layby facility for school uniforms if desired.

St Joseph's Primary School Price List

Download the St Joseph's Primary School Uniform Price List 2018

Girls Summer Uniform


  • Summer Dress
  • Anklet Socks
  • School Jumper
  • Navy Hair Ribbon
  • Coulottes (optional)
  • Short sleeve gold polo top

Girls Winter Uniform

  • Tunic
  • Long sleeve polo shirt
  • Navy tights
  • School jumper

Sports Uniform

  • Navy shorts
  • Short sleeve polo
  • Fleece jumper
  • Navy trackpants
  • White sports socks

Boys Summer Uniform

  • Short sleeve gold polo top
  • Grey shorts
  • Ankle socks
  • School jumper

Boys Winter Uniform

  • Navy trousers
  • School jumper
  • Socks
  • Long sleeve polo shirt

Compulsory Extras

  • St Joseph's School Bag
  • School hat with logo
  • Art smock
  • Library bag
St Joseph’s Primary School April 27, 2016